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The lore of Lembas, by Peregrin Took: One small bite for man, four giant cakes for Hobbit-kind.

Two years ago, a brave Frodo EPIC was joined by the first of his companions at San Diego Comic-Con: Gimli offered his axe. Months later, came Aragorn’s sword and Legolas’ bow. One by one Frodo’s company grew, until at last an EPIC Fellowship was complete at Comic-Con 2019!

With departing gifts from Uncle Bilbo, Frodo set out from the safety of San Diego on a perilous quest to destroy the Ring. Trusting in eight unlikely EPICs to protect him.

Title: The Lord Of The Rings
Category: Figures
Approx. Height (Cm): 11.5
Material: Vinyl
Age: 14+

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